The Role of Your Pathologist

A pathologist who served in the US Navy for several decades, Dr. Dennis Hooper currently works for Medical Services Consultation, International, LLC, as head of research. Accomplished in his field, Dr. Dennis Hooper was board certification in anatomic and clinical pathology from the American Board of Pathology.

Medical doctors who focus on the study of bodily fluids and tissues are known as pathologists. These doctors work in tandem with a patient’s primary care physician in order to provide the most accurate diagnosis possible and to help in establishing an effective treatment plan. In addition to diagnosing a patient’s current medical condition, pathologists specialize in the analysis of laboratory testing so as to monitor the ongoing health of patients with chronic illnesses.

A common example of a pathologist’s work can be seen during a routine physical exam. After a primary care physician has drawn blood from a patient, he or she will review the results with a pathologist. Not only can a pathologist help identify the potential source of abnormal test results, but they can also make preventive suggestions so that a minor condition does not develop into a more serious medical concern.